Data Cable

A comprehensive range of telecommunication and data cables in either PVC or PUR for fixed and constant flexing applications.


UNITRONIC® LiYY and LiYCY cables are data transmission cables which have been developed from well proven types based on the specification VDE 0812. They are also used in control and signal lines in electronics for computer systems, electronic control equipment and weighing scales.

The LiYCY cable has a tinned copper wire braid for EMC compatibility.

UNITRONIC® LiYY (TP) and LiYCY (TP)cables have been designed to offer reduced electrical interference thanks to their twisted pair and screened constructions. The robust PVC sheath makes the cables ideal for industrial data applications.


Automated production processes require data transmission cables of ever higher flexibility and reliability. UNITRONIC-FD® is a development in our data transmission cables for power chain systems. Special make-up techniques make this cable particularly suitable for use in mechanically moving parts or areas where machine tools work at ever increasing speeds.


Thanks to individual screening of the pairs, this cable is particularly suitable for wiring data systems and controls in large industrial plants, for the transmission of sensitive signals and high bit rates, for enhanced requirements with respect to near-end crosstalk attenuation and in conditions of high electrical interference; for measurement value transmission and serial 2-wire interfaces. Cables of this type are intended for limited flexible use and for static laying in dry and damp interiors.