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28.04.202011:30 AM (1h)Industrial Communication @ LAPP
Reliable data transmission in harsh industrial environments: our product portfolio for industrial communication.
R. Moebus/                 C. Mueller (Product Management)Link
05.05.202011:30 AM (1h)ETHERLINE® ACCESS Switches
Fast, compact and robust. Our comprehensive ethernet switch portfolio for your industrial demand.
J. Greger (Product Management)Link
12.05.202011:30 AM (1h)ÖLFLEX® CONNECT CHAIN: design your cable chain in 8 easy steps.
Learn how to select the right cable chain, choosing the right cables and designing the best cable layout.

 P. Borovianova (Market Management) Link
 19.05.202011:30 AM (1h)Innovations May 2020
Be curious and discover our new products May 2020
C. Illenseer, A. Bauer,
J. Greger,           
F. Hoertnagl (Product Management)

26.05.202011:30 AM (1h)futureLab @ LAPP
News from the innovation lab: IIoT solutions, Digital Cable Code, Cloud Marking, Single-Pair-Ethernet.

F. Stonawski + project leader (Innovation Management)Link
09.06.202011:30 AM (1h)PROFINET® - the Ferrari among the Ethernet standards.
Features, topology and portfolio for the physical layer.

B. Kraus (Product Management)Link
23.06.202011:30 AM (1h)Industrial Communication in Robotics
How to set-up professional industrial robot cabling with PROFINET® communication.

S. Vrbnjak (Application Engineering)Link
30.06.202011:30 AM (1.5h)UL & NFPA
Machine approval modes and US installation standards (UL, NFPA) / common cable type requirements subject to US wiring method and US installation code / approval marks & certificates, ratings, AWM styles.

T. Merker (Product Management)Link
07.07.202011:30 AM
EMC-Protection in industrial environments
Reliable EMC-Protection in industrial environments. What´s important to know.

M. Jung / J. Strobel (Product Management)Link
14.07.202011:30 AM
Industrial Ethernet: Ethernet based protocols
PROFINET®, Ethernet / IP, EtherCat, Powerlink, CC-Link: Possible topologies, active components and how to solve network problems.

M. Artoli (Product Marketing Management)Link
21.07.202011:30 AM
Stop the Portfolio-Jungle - how to find the right product for your Industrial Communication
Too many cat.-standards, protocols, cable and connector types - our experts explain what to consider when selecting products.
R. Moebus (Head of Industrial Communication)Link will follow