Fibre Optic Cable

The super-fast fibre optic cables for safe data transfer in the office and industrial sector. Available in POF(Polymer Optical Fibre), PCF(Plastic Cladded Fibre) or GOF(Glass Optical Fibre) designs, in simplex, duplex and hybrid versions, as well as in a highly-flexible design for cable chain applications. Interference-free data transmission at the speed of light.

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GOF – Glass Optical Fibre


With fibres made of pure quartz glass and are available in different versions, OM1, OM2, OM3 and OM4, for office and industrial applications and for indoor and outdoor use. Other formats include cables which can be reeled and others which have a halogen free construction.


Available in HQN series outdoor cable with central buffer tube, HUN universal series with flame retardant non-corrosive sheath, HDH breakout cable for direct connector assembly and FD series for powerchain applications.


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POF - Polymer Optical Fibre & PCF – Plastic Cladded Fibre


With Polymer fibres or fibres made of glass with plastic cladding, these fibre cables are available in either Simplex or Duplex variety.


Application range

  • For data transmission in field bus systems, such as PROFIBUS, INTERBUS etc.
  • Industrial environments


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