Servo Motor Cables

OELFLEX 0027950 Product 1

A wide range of motor, encoder and feedback cables suitable for fixed and constant flexing applications.




ÖLFLEX®-Servo-FD 796 CP cables are especially suitable for moving connections in power chains, robots, because of their outstanding properties. They are combined as signalling and supply cables and offer space and weight savings with optimal operational reliability.


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Olflex 770 CP


ÖLFLEX®-SERVO-FD Encoder & Resolver


These feedback and sensor leads compliment the Ölflex®-Servo-FD range of cables, their main application is in the transmission of control signals for servomotors. They have a low weight and space requirement while remaining suitable for continuously moving operations.


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ÖLFLEX® SERVO 2YSLCY and 2YSLCYK are flexible cables having special EMC- performance due to double shielded, low capacitance design. Ideal for frequency converters for variable speed of 3 phase AC motors, small, medium and large sizes. 2YSLCYK having a special concentric conductor array design, where earth conductor is split into 3 individuals. This 3+3 design allows symmetry against common-mode disturbance effect. This design also improves EMC noise situation of the whole drive system. Cables are suitable in dry, damp and wet rooms/ locations. 2YSLCYK version is UV light protected for outdoor use including direct burial. Good resistance against acids, caustic solutions and certain oils at room temperature.


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