Olflex Robust FD


Olflex® FD Robust / FD Robust C

The robust powerchain cable for higher operating temperatures

For many years Lapp have lead the way in cables for positive guidance systems, our extensive range of Olflex® FD cables have been used in numerous applications where flexibility and durability are paramount.

As we are always looking to increase the areas of applications, Lapp has recently introduced a new range to complement our existing cables. The new Olflex® FD Robust control and connection cables are specifically designed for cable chain applications with small bending radii and at temperatures up to +105°C. PVC and PUR sheathed cables can become brittle and loose their flexibility at temperatures over 80°C. The Olflex® FD Robust range maintains its flexibility even at temperatures over 100°C and at high humidity.

This cable is therefore suitable for use in machine and plant construction and guarantees the operation of essential industrial processes at high temperatures. In addition, the increased chemical resistance permits use in the food-processing industry, medical equipment, car wash systems and milling machines operating with natural oils.

The specially developed insulation and sheath combination of TPE P 4/11 makes Olflex® FD Robust outstandingly resistant against natural oil, softeners, cooling and liquid agents as well as acid, caustic soda and solvents (for example alcohol and glycol) at room temperatures, and has a considerably longer service life than PVC or PUR sheathed cables. This prevents expensive downtime and assures reliable operation of machinery and equipment where the cable is installed. P 4/11 is weatherproof and UV resistant, therefore Olflex® FD Robust is suitable for outdoor use in temperatures down to -40°C.

A copper braided screened version is also available, Olflex® FD Robust C, for protection against electrical interference.