In addition to the products, we manufacture for the portable power market, LAPP have engineered further solutions to meet the additional requirements for submersible pump applications.


Our extensive range includes cables designed to be submersed in depths exceeding 10 meters, as well as standard connection cables for controls, panel wire, mains power and lighting.



With its unique properties, the LAPP HO7RN8-F was designed specifically for the submersible pump market. Its construction and make-up, give the cable far better resistance to special conditions, like pressure and temperature which are always present under continuous submersible applications.



The new rectangular connector housing is absolutely scratch, impact and corrosion-resistant, making it ideal for use in harsh conditions, e.g. on offshore wind turbines and biogas power plants. When combined with the SKINTOP® MS-M Brush cable gland, the connector is absolutely EMC-resistant, as the nickel-coated housing forms an all-over metallic shell that functions like a Faraday cage. This is especially important for the transmission of sensitive BUS signals. Another special featured is that, when connected, the housing provides a safe, 360°, metallic conductive connection, and can also be connected to standard housing units if required. The EPIC® Ultra housings are available in a range of hoods, panel mount and surface mount bases and suit all the existing EPIC® inserts.


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