New OLFLEX® PUR Cables

408P & 409P

New Integrated Functional Layer

ÖLFLEX® 408 P / ÖLFLEX® 409 P


Power and control cables with polyurethane sheath for harsh conditions


The ÖLFLEX® 408 P and ÖLFLEX® 409 P control cables join the ranks of the range of cables with increased mechanical and chemical resistance for tough conditions. The outer sheath material is made from polyurethane, is abrasion-resistant, notch-resistant and gives both cables outstanding oil-resistance.


Integrated functional layer


The PUR cables are manufactured with an interstice filler functional layer based on special PVC. The outer sheath is inseparably connected to the functional layer. Due to the improved mechanical tear behaviour of this interstice filler, the cutting depth when stripping can be reduced to protect the core insulation. The other typical problems that occur during sleeve processing can also be counteracted. Cutting and removal of the sleeve, both mechanically and manually, can thus be made significantly simpler and safer.

This special cable design can considerably reduce damage to the core insulation, subsequent processing of improperly stripped cable sections and material waste. This saves both time and money.


Tested and certified quality


The cable design and mentioned advantages of ÖLFLEX® 408 P and ÖLFLEX® 409 P have been tested and certified by the German VDE testing institute as well as by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) for use in North America. To ensure the highest quality standards, the cables are also subject to regular factory surveillance.


Areas of application

  • Appliance and apparatus construction
  • Industrial machines and machine tools
  • Assembly lines and production lines
  • Measuring technology, control engineering and electrical engineering
  • In dry, damp or wet interiors
  • Outdoor use in accordance with the temperature range
  • In the oily wet area of industrial machinery
  • For fixed installation or applications with occasional flexing


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