KJE put on a show with Lapp

Concerts and Festivals are more than just a music event these days, with the use of laser, pyrotechnics and fireworks adding to the overall event experience. However most festival goers will be completely unaware of the time and work that is required to create such an extremely impressive design and fabrication as well as deploying the effects to ensure an impressive spectacle.



One such company that specialise in the design and development of special effects equipment for film, television and live events are KJE Technical. They pride themselves on manufacturing the best possible solutions for all their clients and have built a reputation based on the quality of their products.


Lapp Group are a key contributor to their continued success and the high level of quality of equipment they manufacture. KJE not only use Lapp’s extensive range of cables, but also utilise many of the connectors that Lapp stock.


“In the past we have used various companies to fulfil our cable requirement but we have found the quality of the goods and the fantastic service offered by Lapp Group to be second to none” explains Kevin England, Director at KJE, adding “We find it extremely helpful that Lapp understand what we do and the equipment that we provide so they always know how to help us and are able to offer suggestions of products that have often been better than what we initially wanted to order, they also realise the tight deadlines that the industry work with. This knowledge and background information that has taken time to find out is often invaluable. “

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Some of the projects undertaken by KJE Technical include the flames that accompanied the Mutoids Waste Co’s giant mechanical phoenix that sat on top of the Glastonbury Festival Pyramid stage in 2013 whilst The Rolling Stones entertained thousands in the Wiltshire countryside.


Kevin concludes “It was wonderful to not have to worry about any of the cable and connectors failing as we have experienced with other manufacturers previously, this is especially helpful when we are offering emergency broadcast systems and site commentary systems that have seen kilometre after kilometre on one festival site”

To find out more about the projects carried out by KJE Technical visit their website www.kjetech.com


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