New SILVYN® Conduit for Food & Beverage Industry


SILVYN® FG NM – the liquid-tight conduit

SILVYN® FG NM – the liquid-tight conduit with smooth inner and outer surfaces


LAPP’s blue, all-plastic SILVYN® FG NM conduit comes with extra smooth interior and exterior surfaces. Made of a special plastic, the sheath has been approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The protective cable sheath is therefore ideal for critical production equipment in the food and beverage industry.

The SILVYN® FG NM conduit is fitted with a hard PVC inner spiral guaranteeing maximum flexibility and dimensional stability. Another stand-out feature of the impermeable and easy-to-clean protective sheath is its excellent flame-resistance.

Specifically designed by LAPP for the F&B industry, the conduit solution can be particularly recommended for cable and wiring protection in the production and processing of dairy and meat products as well as for use in foodstuff packaging equipment.

SILVYN® FG NM offers good chemical resistance and guarantees maximum reliability. In addition to FDA approval, the SILVYN® FG NM protective cable sheath has also been certified by ECOLAB® and therefore meets the industrial standards in professional cleaning and disinfection processes.

When used in conjunction with the SILVYN® HYGIENIC fitting, LAPP offers the ideal accessory for hygienically impeccable production facilities.


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