No pre-pricking necessary with the new SKINTOP® MULTI-M

SKINTOP® MULTI-M simplifies the routing of cables and conductors thanks to innovative gel technology



Cable bushing systems are extremely convenient as they allow multiple cables to be inserted in one compact solution. This saves a great deal of space, especially where installation dimensions are limited. However, when mounting cables and conductors in multiple entries pre-pricking is usually necessary for the feed-through of cables and conductors. This means not only additional installation work but also a potential risk factor for the safe sealing of the cables.

This no longer has to be the case. LAPP’s new SKINTOP® MULTI-M features a highly elastic gel component which makes it possible to insert cables without the need for pre-pricking. It can accommodate any cable with variable outside diameters of 2-6mm. The gel is firmly connected to a plastic outer shell which has a multiple feed-through points. Thanks to the material's high elasticity, the conductors can be routed directly without having to pierce the gel beforehand. The gel adapts optimally to the cable diameter and thus guarantees a high IP protection class (IP 68).

At the same time the innovative gel technology ensures that unused entry points remain securely sealed against the entrance of foreign bodies but they can also be used directly for insertion if cabling should subsequently required. This makes the round SKINTOP® MULTI-Mparticularly suitable for feeding through unassembled cables and conductors as well as media-conducting hoses. This ensures quick and easy installation of the cables even with the highest packing density.

SKINTOP® MULTI-M is the latest addition to LAPP's existing product portfolio which already includes various rectangular multi bushings and the classic round cable gland. The SKINTOP® MULTI-M now offers the best of both worlds by enabling the insertion of a large number of cables in a round cable gland with metric connection thread.

Part number Articlename Base Unit Price (Base Price)
SKINTOP MULTI-M 50X1.5 / 18X2-6 MM  
SKINTOP MULTI-M 63X1.5 / 30X2-6 MM