With constant modernisation in HVAC Systems being designed and developed, there is an ever increasing demand for efficiency.

HVAC run around coil

Companies are looking for new innovative products which will assist their control systems and equipment in achieving the best possible results. With LAPP being a market leader in industrial Control cables and connectors, we believe we have some of the best products for these applications.



ÖLFLEX CLASSIC 110 Black is a flexible PVC cable for use in both power and control applications. This cable can be installed in dry, damp or wet rooms, as well as outside. The cores are class 5 stranded to maximise flexibility and reduce installation time.

ÖLFLEX CLASSIC 110 CY Black is manufactured with a copper braid for EMC applications, as well as to increase the mechanical strength of the cable. The sheath is made from a special PVC formula which      has very good resistance to acids, caustic solutions and certain oils.



ÖLFLEX® ROBUST cables are power and connecting cables for flexible use and fixed installation for robust mechanical use. At room temperature they have increased resistance against acids, caustic solutions and certain vegetable, animal and mineral oils. The black TPE outer sheath is weather proof and has excellent UV resistance, ensuring this range of cables are ideally suited for use in all outdoor applications and will continue flexing at temperatures down to -40°C and up to +80°C. Available in colour coded or number coded cores and also available with a copper screening for EMC protection.



Manufactured from a tough nylon material, the LAPP range of SKINTOP® glands offer many advantages over conventional stuffing glands. They are used in substantial volumes on panels, switches, and control equipment and within the wind turbine and photovoltaic industries. The glands feature a unique patented anti-vibration lock and due to their high IP rating (IP68 & IP69K) can be used in a variety of dry or wet industrial environments. Available in thread sizes from 12mm up to 63mm covering outer diameters from 1mm to 45mm.



The SKINTOP® COLD is a nickel-plated brass cable gland with a metric connecting thread which combines high quality with regard to consistency and reliability. It is especially designed for use in areas with a high demand on special mechanical stability and cold resistance. The SKINTOP® COLD will work in extreme negative temperatures down to -70°C as well as up to +100°C.


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