The evolution of food and beverage production

With the world’s population predicted to reach nine billion by 2050, food production will need to increase by 70 per cent in order to keep up with such staggering growth.


Thankfully, the food production sector is benefitting from a wave of radical transformation. From precision farming and lab-made meat to robotics and AI, manufacturing techniques are evolving at a rapid pace. While consumers and social trends play an important role in driving these transformations, technology is definitely at the heart of the food revolution.

Robots and AI

According to a recent report by the Financial Times’ Raconteur, a huge part of the food revolution will be carried out by robotics. For example, the ‘Hands Free Hectare’ project showcases how barley can be grown and harvested without any human intervention (and it also produces a special gin with the robot cultivated crops!). The dairy industry is also no stranger to automation. Collaborative robots - created to work quickly and seamlessly with humans - are often used to relieve the most labour intense tasks, such as disinfecting cow’s udders before and after milking. Other affected sectors will be picking and cutting of fruit and vegetables, where the human touch is being replicated successfully by robotic arms with a special finger mechanism.

Dairy shelf

Time for change

Such innovations are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to food manufacturing and processing. While many of these solutions are still being tested, there is no doubt that technology has become more and more intertwined with food production in an unprecedented way. As machines become increasingly more intelligent, they require connections that are able to support even more complex tasks – whether it is in a farm or on a factory floor.

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