3D/CAD product catalogue

With the 3D/CAD product catalogue for our SKINTOP® and SKINDICHT® cable glands and EPIC® industrial connectors, LAPP reaffirms its reputation as market leader and technical mastermind.

Following our expert consultations we are well aware of our customers' problems, e.g. the very time-consuming search for:

  • The correct cable gland.
  • Technical information, e.g. cover sizes, clamping ranges, article numbers, etc.
  • Simplifying and saving time during design.

These problems affect purchasing, operations planning and above all construction managers and planners.

Using the PARTserver technology from Cadenas as a basis, LAPP can offer you improved workflows and lower costs through reducing the amount of remedial works and process ineffeciencies.

Through using this powerful collaborative E-engineering platform, you can improve internal and external information flows and can greatly reduce processing times.

Cadenas part-server with the Lapp Cables 3D/CAD product catalogue