Catalogues and Flyers

ÖLFLEX® CONNECT Chain Catalogue 2018/19
(PDF 36 MB )
Includes useful tips and a practical guideline on cable chain engineering.
Train Catalogue 2018/19
(PDF 3 MB )
The LAPP brand new Train catalogue with all the latest products.
Food & Beverage Brochure
(PDF 620 KB )
Download our Food & Beverage brochure for information on Lapp Group's industry specific cables, glands and accessories.
Harness Brochure
(PDF 523 KB )
An overview of our harnessing, custom cable assembly and box build capabilities.
New EPIC Connector Guide
(PDF 4 MB )
A step-by-step guide on selecting the correct connector for your application.
Little Lapp Book
(PDF 2 MB )
A pocket guide to the Lapp product range.
Our Company
(PDF 3 MB )
Image brochure about the Lapp Group – you can find out everything in this brochure: brands, history, company philosophy, etc.
Automation & Network Collection
(PDF 3 MB )
Welcome to the World of Automation & Network. Solutions by Lapp: found in places you wouldn’t think to look for them.
Lapp Systems Image brochure
(PDF 624 KB )
Whether it be kitting, preassembled fibre optic connections or energy supply chains, Lapp Systems' ranges will meet your every need.
Low Smoke Halogen Free Guide
(PDF 2 MB )
A guide to Lapp's low smoke halogen free products for use in building services.
Solar and Wind Flyer
(PDF 2 MB )
A guide to Lapp products suitable for renewable energy applications.
A Guide to BUS Systems
(PDF 2 MB )
A Guide to cabling and connectors suitable for all BUS Systems.
European Power Cables
(PDF 2 MB )
A guide to Lapp's range of European Power Cables.
(PDF 25 MB )
Here you will find the complete product range related to wind energy.
(PDF 1 MB )
SKINTOP® cable glands - Safe - Protected - Shielded
Power, Light & Sound
(PDF 3 MB )
Our custom catalogue which includes the entire range of products for the power, light and sound industries.
(PDF 4 MB )
New brochure with an overview of cable and interconnect systems for eMobility
(PDF 3 MB )
Simplify your work with the Lapp field bus modules.
Data Cable Guide
(PDF 533 KB )
Find the correct Bus-, Optical- or LAN-fibres.
Marking Guide
(PDF 729 KB )
Do you suffer from cable spaghetti? Our marking guide will show you how to avoid this ever again with FLEXIMARK®.