The vision to become a global player – the key points in the company's history all clearly mark the path to success. Entering the US market was an striking step. This was a bold move considering our circumstances at the time, but has been rewarded with great success.

1959 U.I. Lapp KG, (today U.I. Lapp GmbH),Stuttgart/Germany
1963 Lapp Kabelwerke GmbH und Contact GmbH, Stuttgart/Germany
1976 Olflex Inc., (today Lapp USA Inc.), USA
1980 Oskar Lapp Ltd. (today Lapp Ltd.), UK
1983 Lapp Kabelsysteme GmbH, Stuttgart/Germany
1989 Lapp Kabel AG, Switzerland
Lapp Kabel B.V., (today Lapp Benelux B.V.), Netherlands
1990 Câbleries Lapp S.a.r.l., France
1991 Miltronic AB, Sweden
1992 Fleximark AB, Sweden
1994 Lapp Kabel, Austria
1995 Lapp Logistics Ptd. Ltd., Singapore
1996 Lapp Mexico, Mexico
1997 Lapp Kabel India Pvt. Ltd., India
1998 Lapp Kabel s.r.o., Tschechien
  Lapp Kablo, Turkey
  P.T. Lappkabel Indonesia, Indonesia
1999 Lapp Canada Inc., Canada
2000 Lapp Kabel S.P.z.o.o., Poland
  K.L. Tannehill Inc., USA
  Thomas Lapp Cable Korea Co. Ltd. (today Lapp Korea Co. Ltd.), Korea
2001 Lapp France S.a.r.l., France
2002 Camuna Cavi, Italy
  Lapp Systems, USA
  Lapp Brazil Ltda., Brazil
2003 Lapp Muller SAS, France
  Lapp Ukraine LLC, Ukraine
  Lapp Kabel Shanghai Co. Ltd., China
2004 JJ-Lapp Cable (S) Pte. Ltd., Singapore
  JJ-Lapp Cable (S) Pte Ltd, Vietnam
  JJ-Lapp Cable (P) Inc., Philippinen
2005 Lapp Russia OOO, Russia
  Lapp Electronics Shanghai Co. Ltd., Shanghai
  Lapp Kabel, España S.L.U, Spain
2006 Lapp Middle East, Dubai, Vereinigte Arabische Emirate
2007 Lapp Tannehill Inc., USA
  Lapp Miltronic SIA, Estland
  Lapp Miltronic SIA, Lettland
  Lapp Miltronic UAB, Litauen