Industry without robots has now become an unimaginable concept. Robotics has now become one of the most dynamic areas for development and so are the cables specific to this technology.

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Robots are now used throughout the entire industry; they have become a crucial element of complex production processes. Robots are always in motion. They must work accurately and reliably under the greatest stress,  just like the corresponding cables, components and cable systems which have been made possible by robot work in the first place. As the smallest interference can lead to high costs when it comes to production failures, we are doing everything in our power to ensure smooth and reliable operations.

Dynamic expertise for using robots

LAPP has substantial expertise at its disposal, as well as more than 25 years' experience in working with customers to develop and bring to fruition solutions in the field of robot applications.

We put our products through their paces in the company's own laboratory and test facility
to make sure they meet the high expectations of the customer. The demanding requirements for these systems means that a tailored solution is needed for every application.

LAPP therefore develops robotic cables and system solutions in close cooperation with the customer, always taking into account details such as cross section, movement and environment in preparing the design.

We thoroughly test even the first samples.

The customer can therefore be confident that the solution is the right one and the danger of costly downtimes of production equipment are reduced to a minimum.

Ask our Robotics Industry Manager

Through making our employees and their industry and product expertise available to our customers, we can offer an efficient partnership for all requirements related to the use of robots – in particular for developing new and innovative solutions.
If you have any questions, our employees would be glad to place their substantial industry knowledge at your disposal.