Why Specify LAPP?

Why Specify LAPP?

At LAPP we understand there are many suppliers of PVC multi-core cables, YY, SY, & CY, yet we still firmly believe in our quality. So in a fairly competitive market why specify Lapp cables?

Our Product

LAPP cables use a finely stranded conductor made from pure electrolytic copper wire strands in accordance with common European Standards; both British Standard BS6360 and German VDE 0295 Class 5.


The conductor is coated with Polyvinylchloride (PVC) insulation material.


The compound is then electronically extruded ensuring the conductor is centred, therefore maintaining a constant wall thickness of the cores, this is especially important if the cores are being stripped by machinery to avoid possible damage to the conductor.


The outer sheath of LAPP cables is an extruded special PVC compound P8/1 which allows for a thinner sheath while still maintaining the 300/500 working voltage.


The synthetic material used for the sheath of LAPP cables protects many cases against blistering, cracking or brittleness caused by exposure to the effects of oils or other chemicals.


Both the insulation and sheath material of LAPP cables are flame retardant. A flame retardant material will burn when in contact with a flame but once the source of flame is removed the material is self extinguishing - it will not support combustion.


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