Custom Cable Assemblies

Our aim is to provide our customers with a complete custom cable solution. The burden of developing a concept, applying the engineering, and transitioning to production can be time consuming on company resources.


Our engineering expertise and proactive approach to assembly processes will enable a customer to conserve resources for other critical needs.


At LAPP we have over 40,000 products anywhere from connection and control, flexible robotic connections and data transfer. There may be occasions where we may not have exactly what you are looking for. This is where your Lapp Account Manager can source any connectors (or you could even supply your own) from any third party before we take care of the harnessing for you.

We can stock hold your finished goods in preparation for when you need them, we can also flexibly deliver your goods to meet your production requirements. By using our cable assembly service, you can concentrate on your project in hand whilst we take care of your cabling procurement of individual components.


LAPP provides an array of services to guarantee that 100% of your applications needs will be met:


  • Review of interconnection needs
  • Recommend connectivity solutions
  • Provide concept drawings
  • Prepare quotations
  • Provide final engineering drawings
  • Quality control of finished products


Contact us for further information or assistance.