FieldBus Systems

LAPP provides universal field bus wiring form the control level right down to sensor/acuator level. From communication between controller, peripherals and visualisation in industrial machinery and equipment, field bus wiring is essential.

As a result, our cables for field bus systems need to offer something special from the outset:

• High transmission speeds
• Excellent interference immunity
• High mechanical strength
• Easy to assemble in the field

Our comprehensive range of UNITRONIC® bus cables provide the perfect basis for universal field bus wiring. The cables are available for all standard field bus systems. This means that you can always find the appropriate solution for your individual requirements in modern mechanical and systems engineering.


  • AS-Interface
  • DeviceNet
  • CAN/CANopen
  • CC-Link
  • SafetyBus
  • FOUNDATION Fieldbus


Thanks to specially developed sheath materials, they are ideal for use in a large range of ambient conditions. Whether you need then for a fixed installation or a drag chain - UNITRONIC® bus cables guarantee reliable operation of field bus systems.


Application Fields


  • Plant and mechanical engineering
  • Automation technology
  • Control engineering


To provide the user with a clear selection guide, LAPP created the "Data Cable Guide". This enables you to select your required bus cable and the corresponding data plug in a matter of minutes. Click here to download the guide.