Populated Cable Chain


Decades of research and work with all the major drive manufactures have given LAPP the expertise and capabilities to specify the right cable chain system for your application – from light duty nylon chain to steel or anything in between.

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➤ Reduced system failures and downtime often caused by improper installation of products

➤ Cost and time savings

➤ Longer life and reliability in even the most demanding applications

➤ Fast delivery times

➤ Custom design for each application based on customer requirements

➤ Meet the demands of each unique application, from high flex to stationary

➤ Assemblies by the experts in cable/connector design

➤ Cables, connectors and hoses can be included

➤ Performance warranty

SILVYN® CHAIN - A solution for every application

Nylon Chain

Nylon Chain

  • Cable chains made from nylon (polyamide PA 6) for self-supporting or sliding applications or applications with circular motion
  • For use in standard applications
  • Open or fully closed design available
Steel Chain

Steel Chain

  • Cable chains made of steel (galvanised steel or stainless steel) for standard self-supporting, sliding applications or applications with circular motion
  • Ideal for more demanding environments (e.g. extremely low or high temperatures, hot chips, etc.)
  • Open or fully closed design available
Combined Chain

Combined Chain

  • Cable chain made of combined materials (e.g. nylon sidebands with aluminum frames or aluminum covers, etc.) for unique requirements
  • Combination of nylon, aluminum or steel parts capable of withstanding harsh environment and increase chain lifetime while maintaining optimal cost
  • Open or fully closed design available