Generators, Pumps and HVAC

Rapid expansion in the need for reliable, portable power has meant an increase in the sales and rental of large industrial generator sets.


Whether it´s a new hospital which requires the installation of a back-up generator or on a construction site, where time is of the essence and downtime costs money, it is vitally important that the right cabling solutions are available immediately. To facilitate the connection of portable generator sets, LAPP have developed an extensive range of heavy duty products which have been approved for this market and hold both local and international approvals.  These products include Heavy Duty industrial cabels, cable connectors and cable glands.



Thanks to its extraordinary flexibility and mechanical strength, the LAPP H07RN-F cable is ideal for power transmission in both fixed and flexible installations. This cable has been manufactured using compounds which are designed to with stand all weather conditions, most oils and greases, mechanical and thermal stresses. This makes it a great all-purpose power cable for severe industrial applications. Other applications include handling equipment, mobile power supplies, worksites, stage and audio visual equipment. Rated voltage up to 1000 V possible thanks to the high dielectric properties of the insulation material (according to HD 516).


HO7BN4-F (6381TQ)

With increased temperature resistance to the HO7RN-F, this cable was designed to meet increased demands to ensure that even under the most stressful working environments, this cable will not let you down. Typical applications for the HO7BN4-F cable include heavy duty connecting equipment between pumps and generators, and now we are able to offer a further improved version for Wind Turbines which have class 6 stranded conductors for super flexible torsional applications.


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