ÖLFLEX® cable drum on tour around the world

ÖLFLEX® cable from Lapp is a success story that has now been going for more than 50 years. Ever since it was invented in 1959, it has been synonymous with quality, reliability and speed. To celebrate this, the Lapp Group is holding the ÖLFLEX® World Tour, which means that an ÖLFLEX® cable drum is visiting various Lapp sites around the globe. At each location, a variety of events are being held, based around the theme of the ÖLFLEX® product and the Lapp Group generally.

After its start in Stuttgart, the ÖLFLEX® World Tour made its first stop at the site of Lapp France in Forbach. Employees at the site enjoyed a wellness weekend, followed by a reception for customers and business partners. The Forbach audience also saw the first public appearance of Lapp Artists, who also came up with some inventive and memorable ways in which to use Lapp products. The drum then moved on to Spain, and it will also visit South Africa, India, China, Japan, Chile, the USA, Sweden and the Netherlands. It will finally return to Stuttgart in July 2011 – and employees, customers and friends of the Lapp Group there can look forward to the celebration of its return.


The Lapp Group also provides comprehensive online coverage of the ÖLFLEX® World Tour. An online newsroom has been set up at www.oelflex50.com, where visitors can find reports, pictures and video. Attendees at the events and friends of the Lapp Group can also use the social network facebook (www.facebook.com/LappGroup), or www.youtube.com/OLFLEXWorldTour and flickr to discuss their experiences and other topics relating to the company.