NEW ÖLFLEX® Chain Cables

A range of new chain cables for cable tracks and for the use on machine-building and materials-handling equipment. Lapp rounds off its product portfolio of ÖLFLEX® Power and Control Cables for cable tracks with four new products, ÖLFLEX® CHAIN 808P/CP & 809/CY adding to the long-established CLASSIC range.

Chain 808

*NEW* ÖLFLEX® CHAIN 808 P & 808 CP


ÖLFLEX® CHAIN 808 P & 808 CP is a new generation of highly flexible multi conductor power chain cables, designed particularly for use in wet areas due to the polyurethane outer sheath. Its primary field of application is for continuous flexing in linear power chains up to 10mtr travel distance. Designed for 1-2 million bending cycles within power-chain.


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Chain 809



This range of power chain cables are especially designed for low to medium requirements with UL-AWM certification up to 1000V. They are specifically designed for up to 2 million bending cycles with a maximum travel distance of up to 10 meters. Having the UL reference both these cables are suitable for export oriented machine builders according to NFPA 79 edition 2012.


< <UL Certified Unscreened Chain Cable.


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