ETHERLINE® single pair tackles the demands of Industry 4.0

On the ground research has revealed that size, rather than speed, will be the next trend for Ethernet cables. LAPP predicts this trend will be particularly relevant for the installation of sensors in the smart factories of the future.


The transmission of data via fieldbus systems is quickly becoming obsolete. The demand for seamless communications between production line and head office is on the rise and Ethernet is rapidly being adopted as the new standard for industrial automation systems.

In recent years, many manufacturers have focused on developing “higher and faster” Ethernet cables even though only a handful of applications generate enough data volume to require such speed and capacity.

With this in mind, LAPP has developed a revolutionary single pair Ethernet cable – called ETHERLINE® single pair – which can be easily installed into tight places thanks to its reduced dimensions. Fully shielded, the new ETHERLINE® single pair is also thin, light, robust and can even achieve a range of up to 1200m at 10 Mbit/s with no data disruption. Among other benefits, this new cable can also reduce installation time by 50% compared to other cables in the same category - a great saving for both installer and customer.

Although the passive components are yet to be designed, at LAPP we believe this innovation will bring huge benefits to many of our customers, especially those involved in the installation of sensors for Industry 4.0. Thanks to its space saving capabilities and safe data transmission, the ETHERLINE® single pair answers the demands of the smart factories of the future and paves the way for a new approach to cabling solutions for this fast growing industry.