Can robots solve real life challenges?

The EU calls for SMEs’ expertise in robotics applications

The EU funded project ESMERA (European SMEs Robotics Applications) has opened its first call for experimental robotics proposals that can provide tangible solutions for real life challenges. Winners will receive financial support up to 200,000 euros each, directly funded by the European Commission.

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The Challenge

The aim of the project is to boost robotics innovation within small-scale research projects, so-called “experiments”. Key European companies have defined eight real-life industrial challenges that seek innovative robotics solutions. The challenges, which apply to the four areas of Energy, Manufacturing, Construction and Agri-food, have been selected because of their innovation potential. They allow multiple approaches and let SMEs be free to explore new directions in developing robotics technologies. SMEs can form a small consortium of partners and team up, for example, with R&D organisations and other companies to supplement their areas of expertise.


SMEs can apply until 31 October and testing and evaluation phase will last nine months. In addition, within the ESMERA project, a second open call with new challenges from Energy, Manufacturing, Construction and Agri-Food will open in Autumn 2019.

The role of cables

Often overlooked, cables play a crucial role in the success of robotics solutions, especially in industry. The right robotic cables will withstand continuous flexing and torsion, while delivering precise and agile motion. The wrong cables, on the other hand, might cause the robot to work inefficiently or, even worse, to stop completely, jeopardising the entire production line and generating costly downtime. LAPP’s engineers develop system solutions in close cooperation with the customer, always taking into account details such as cross section, movement and environment in preparing the design. Each solution is thoroughly tested to ensure minimum to zero downtime and maximum performance.