LAPP is simplifying and unifying its global brand identity

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LAPP is developing its brand. By using the name LAPP we are underlining our international alignment and positioning as a leading supplier of connection solutions. In future, national subsidiaries and departments will all operate under the name LAPP with no additions. Name affixes such as "Kabel", "Cable" or "Cablo", which have been used in many countries since the company was founded in 1959, will disappear. The message is clear - one name and one logo for the entire company, offering its customers the same outstanding service at all times, wherever they are. In future, the family name will represent the company’s fundamental values - focus on success, focus on customers, innovation and family.



"Now is the right time to have a uniform name worldwide and a unified logo to link everything together," explains Chairman Andreas Lapp. "These days it is no longer so important in which country our customers buy our products and where they are delivered to - we’ve been working as an international team for a long time. It is a logical progression for our external identity to reflect that. And what’s more: that is exactly what our customers expect", Andreas Lapp continues.