New EPIC® Connector Guide

We have launched our new updated product guide on our range of industrial connectors from the Lapp Group.

This guide is designed as a step-by-step process to ensure the correct connector is chosen for your exact application requirements.

The most important considerations for a heavy duty connectors are its electrical characteristics, its mechanical characteristics and the materials from which it is manufactured. The heavy duty connector provides safe connection and disconnection of electrical power or signals within robust housings which are suitable for hostile environments.

The construction of a rectangular connector can be selected specifically for a customer’s requirement. EPIC industrial connectors from Lapp Group are made up of various components: Housings, inserts, contacts and glands.

The various components of the heavy duty rectangular connector are purchased individually and made up on a modular principle. A wide range of housing sizes and many options of inserts and contacts make it possible to design the ideal connector for each application.


You can download your copy of the guide https://content.lappgroup.com/fileadmin/DAM/Lapp_Limited/EPIC_Catalogue_2013.pdfhere or alternatively contact us on 0208 758 7800 for your printed version.


This guide includes the most popular range of industrial connectors we stock, however if you cannot find what you require please visit our extensive range here