Polyurethane / High Tough Cables


A range of PUR and Robust Polyurethane / High Tough Cables for use in harsh environments. The PUR and Robust sheath offer increased mechanical and chemical resistance. Ideally suited for applications in the Food & Beverage industry.


Furthermore the qualities of these cables comply with the stringent hygiene requirements, every part of a food and beverage line has to be evaluated for its potential to support microbial growth. This evaluation includes the cables and related electrical components such as cable glands. 


Bacteria and other microbes can actually feed on cable’s polymeric components, causing not just contamination but also a degradation of the cable’s insulation. Costly results of cable failure include lower production levels, failure to meet hygiene standards or extended downtime.


Below is a selection of Lapp Group’s comprehensive range of bacteria resistant cable, microbe resistant cable, chemical resistant cable, oil resistant cable and hydrolysis resistant cable.




This cable is ideal for outdoor or indoor use because of the extremely tough polyurethane sheathing materials. The ÖLFLEX® Classic 400 P and 400 CP range is designed for heavy duty industrial applications, for machine tool and plant manufacturing, or other instances where cables are exposed to heavy wear and tear.


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Olflex 440 CP


ÖLFLEX® 440 P & 440 CP


A VDE registered polyurethane sheathed control cable for use in all applications where very heavy wear is expected under arduous conditions. The TPE core insulation gives an increased temperature range over conventional PVC core insulation. Can be used in machine plant manufacture and other heavy duty applications and is also ideal for use outdoors.


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Olflex robust 200



ÖLFLEX® ROBUST cables are connecting cables for flexible use and fixed installation for robust mechanical use. At room temperature they have increased resistance against acids, caustic solutions and certain vegetable, animal and mineral oils. This range of cables is ideally suited for use in agricultural, food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.


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