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Durable marking and labelling that will still be easily recognisable in many years to come

A tidy house, a tidy mind. The same applies to the workplace, not only for the desk, workbench or the warehouse. FLEXIMARK® marking systems create order in control cabinets, industrial plants and in all the places where a quick and easy overview of cables, single cores or components is important. With FLEXIMARK® you can reliably and durable label virtually anything that requires a quick and individual identification in an industrial environment. If there is no accurate and professional marking, the allocation and identification of cables and components becomes a lengthy and therefore expensive process – and an annoying one. Chaos is so easy to avoid, and the marking often is regulated by a norm. Whether in control cabinets, automation technology or in mechanical and plant engineering, wherever cables must be employed and labelled, FLEXIMARK® marking systems provide a better overview.

Choosing the right labelling

Important in choosing the right product are the following questions: "What should be marked?", "where should it be marked?" and "when should it be marked?". In control cabinets or manufacturing plants, the required space is one of the most important factors. Space-saving wrapping labels for cables, markers for single core marking or shrink tubes for cables and single cores are particularly suitable here. To mark cables after assembly, labels can also be mounted using marking rings, character holders or marking labels with cable ties. Depending on the environmental requirements, they are made of plastic or stainless steel. The markers are quick and easy to apply, reliably, safely and permanently.

The labels can be created easily by using either a standard laser printer or, if the marking has to be even more durable, a thermal transfer printer – in both ways assisted by the appropriate FLEXIMARK® software. Or you can order already customised stainless steel signs, shrink tubes or plastic cablelabels. For on-site use, portable printers are the best choice. It means labels for plastic character holders can also be produced directly during assembly. Stainless steel signs with excellent chemical resistance can be inscribed using a manual embossing machine or with the stainless steel kit. FLEXIMARK® also offers safety signs in accordance with ISO 7010.

In use everywhere

FLEXIMARK® provides versatile solutions for almost every environment. Offshore oil rigs, industrial plants, bridges, wind and solar farms, chemical plants or in the food industry – the marking possibilities are as versatile as cable usage. For this reason, FLEXIMARK® products have particularly robust features. Depending on the product, they are highly resistant to UV light, extreme tempera­tures, corrosion, chemicals and abrasion. The clever marking system for cables, connections and electrical components provides a safe and permanent labelling, also in harsh conditions. FLEXIMARK® stops at very little – especially not at cable chaos.

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