LAN Cables

Our ETHERLINE® branded Ethernet assemblies are designed for industrial environments of all kinds. Whether in the control cabinet or in demanding applications - your network communication is always in good hands with data cables from LAPP.

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The Ethernet cables are pre-assembled with RJ45, M8 or M12 connectors and are available in different lengths with Cat.5 and Cat.6A transmission characteristics. We have the right solution for every requirement, both for plant engineering with open-ended patchcords and field-assembly connectors and for mechanical engineering with plug&play patchcords.

Your benefits:

• Products for all common protocol standards (PROFINET®, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, etc.)
• Minimised susceptibility to errors and time savings during installation
• Easier handling due to Plug & Play
• Non-permanent connection enables easy device change
• Branded products fulfilling the high LAPP quality standard


Our Lite-Industrial solution:

ETHERLINE® LAN Cat.6A - pre-assembled RJ45 patchcords with UL certification.


• Can be used worldwide thanks to Cat.6A transmission properties and UL certification
• Available in 8 colours
• All lengths available from stock
• Suitable for workstation cabling as well as for industrial control cabinet applications
• Saves space at the production sites, as separate stocks for the USA and Canada are not necessary

Our industrial solutions:

ETHERLINE® patchcord - suitable for use in harsh industrial environments.

• Versions with straight and angled connectors
• PVC and PUR versions
• For fixed, flexible and drag chain applications
• Protection class up to IP69
• Temperature classes for use between -40°C and 80°C