PROFINET® Fast Connect

Up to 50% time savings in data connector installation - with Fast Connect for PROFINET®.

The Fast Connect design facilitates assembly thanks of a specially-designed inner sheath and a separating cross instead of pair shielding. This shortens the assembly time enormously while all shielding and application requirements are optimally fulfilled. The complex fourfold removal of the pair shielding is no longer necessary. Using the appropriate tool, the insulation can be stripped directly down to the wire pairs.

A perfect match - our Fast Connect components

As experienced system supplier, LAPP is your strong partner for all your assembly challenges. From the cable to the connector solution to the appropriate tool - with us you get everything from a single source. Of course, with first-class brand quality.

Fast Connect Component

Very easy assembly in just a few steps:

By the way: For better differentiation, all our Fast Connect data cables carry the abbreviation "FC" in the article description.


1. Cut the jacket and shielding braid with Fast Connect tool in one operation.


2. Insert the cores into the core manager according to colour coding.


3. Insert core manager, tighten - finished!