PCF Measurement Equipment

Inspection microscope for PCF connector types: FSMA; ST(BFOC); HFBR

PCF Measurement Equipment; Inspection Microscope for PCF connector types: FSMA; ST(BFOC); HFBR

Article number Article designation Base Unit Price (base price)
PCF Inspection Microscope (200x) without adapter
PCF Inspection Microscope (200x)
PCF Microscope Adapter For Connector Types
PCF Microscope Adapter FSMA Simplex
PCF Microscope Adapter ST(BFOC) Simplex
PCF Microscope Adapter HFBR Simplex
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  • Inspection Microscope with 200x magnification for connector inspection
  • Easy to handle

Product features

  • Interchangeable adapter for PCF connector types FSMA, ST(BFOC), HFBR
  • Interchangeable adapters are not included in microscope, please order separately
  • Other adapters available on request

Classification ETIM 5

  • ETIM 5.0 Class-ID: EC001685
  • ETIM 5.0 Class-Description: Microscope for glass fibre

Classification ETIM 6

  • ETIM 6.0 Class-ID: EC001685
  • ETIM 6.0 Class-Description: Microscope for glass fibre

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