Circular connectors for servomotors and power supply

Virtually conceived and now in real life: The M12 power connector with L-coding meets all market requirements. It is very small yet powerful, prevents mismating, is PROFINET-compliant. With M12L, sensor/actuator cabling as well as the power supply of smaller DC motors, e.g. in driverless transport systems, is successful.

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  • Attachment housing G4 in combination with coupling plug F6.
  • Powerful up to 16 A despite extremely space-saving size for very small devices.
  • Mechanical L-coding of the mating face prevents mismating with mating connector.
  • Suitable for conductor cross-sections from 0.75 - 2.50 mm².
  • Available as 4-pole variant with black insulating body and as 4+FE variant with grey insulating body and functional earth contact (FE).

Application range

  • For DC applications in the low-voltage range.
  • For power supply of smaller devices (e.g. decentralised I/O modules, smaller motors).
  • Also suitable for power supply in the PROFINET network (M12L is considered the standardised power interface there).

Classification ETIM 5

  • ETIM 5.0 Class-ID: EC002635

Classification ETIM 6

  • ETIM 6.0 Class-ID: EC002635

Rated voltage (V)

  • 63 V

Rated impulse voltage

  • 1.5 kV

Rated current (A)

  • 16 A

Pollution degree

  • 3

Number of contacts

  • 4, 4+PE

Termination methods

  • 0.75mm² - 2.5mm²


  • Housing: nickel-plated zinc die-casting, nickel-plated brass
    Insert: PA,
    Seal: FPM

Protection rating

  • IP65/IP67/IP69

Cycle of mechanical operation

  • 100

Temperature range

  • -25°C up to +125°C

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