Which Lapp cables are approved for use in hazardous or explosive environments?





In accordance with the revised standard VDE 0165, part 1, edition 05/2009 (EN 60079-14:2008), the following pages describe the possible selection of cables for explosive atmospheres on the basis of examples of normative construction design as well as of Lapp work standard products for the various applications. This document merely represents Lapp's interpretation of the specifications contained in the German version of the standard. However, in the absence of clear formulations and distinct terminology, this standard is both open to and in need of interpretation.

As a result, this document in no way constitutes a legally binding interpretation. Ultimately, the selection of suitable cables for explosive atmospheres must always be made on the basis of specific local criteria regarding use and application. In cases of doubt, we recommend that the testing engineer/certifier responsible for the technical acceptance of the individual application be involved in the product selection process from an early stage.