Where can I obtain information on the chemical resistance of ÖLFLEX® and UNITRONIC® cables?





The resistance of our cable products to specific organic and inorganic chemicals is already detailed in table T1 of our technical catalogue appendix. If the required substance is not contained in this table, it is possible to contact our laboratory in Stuttgart to enquire whether any data or information concerning resistance to this chemical medium exists in the relevant technical literature. Statements regarding the resistance of our cables to specific branded products, such like for instance “Exxon Mobile XY or Castrol XY transmission fluid”, are not generally possible since these constitute unknown mixtures of different oils and additives.

In the case of on-going projects, the laboratory may agree to test our cable products with the specific chemical substances (usually oils) used in the customer's application. The customer would have to supply one litre of the relevant substance along with the corresponding safety data sheets. However, we reserve the right to refuse any chemicals that present even the slightest safety risk to our lab personnel. For this reason, the general test scope and schedule should be agreed with the laboratory in advance. The resistance tests are generally performed in accordance with the relevant VDE, EN, IEC or UL test methods.