CHAMPION Drum dispenser

Universal drum dispenser

For professional and gentle unwinding of even sensitive cables

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85008070CHAMPION 52
85008071CHAMPION 67
85008072CHAMPION Steering rollers set (4 pc)
85008073CHAMPION Rubber feet (4 pc)
85008074Article designation
85008075Article designation
85008076CHAMPION Carrier roll 520mm
85008077Article designation
85008078CHAMPION Carrier roll 670mm
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  • Robust construction with 200 kg load capacity
  • Safer stability thanks to noise-reducing rubber feet
  • Easily adjustable carrier rollers with 3 different positions
  • Maintenance-free

Application range

  • Drum dispenser for everyday use in the workshop or on the construction site
  • Also as storage solution in the workshop
  • With additional rollers for mobile use

Product features

  • For drum diameter from 150 up to 900mm
  • Available in two sizes for drums up to 520 or 670mm width
  • Lightweight hybrid frame made of glass fiber reinforced polyamide and aluminum
  • Provided with 4 non-slip rubber feet
  • Optionally with 4 rollers for drum transport


  • ETIM 7.0 Class-Description: Cable reel dispenser
  • ETIM 7.0 Class-Description: Cable reel dispenser


  • 52: 577x565x120mm
    67: 727x565x120mm

General data

  • Weight:
    52: 7.2kg
    67: 9.0kg
  • Material: glass-fiber reinforced polyamide and aluminium

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