TRONIC Single core cart

Mobile and flexible solutions to unwind, store and transport single core coils and spools.

TRONIC products are optimized for LAPP single core coils H05V-K and H07V-K (Maxi ring) as well as for LAPP single core spools.

Article number Article designation Includes Capacity of rings Dimension in mm Weight (kg) Base Unit Price (base price)
85001632 TRONIC Box - 1 D=310.0, H=103.0 0.7
85001624 TRONIC Single core cart 12 12 TRONIC 12 L=670.0, W=610.0, H=950.0 19
85001629 TRONIC Single core cart 48 48 TRONIC 48 L=865.0, W=770.0, H=1460.0 106
85001625 TRONIC Module 2 TRONIC 2 L=335.0, W=335.0, H=280.0 2.6
85001621 TRONIC Module single core cart 6x2 6 TRONIC Module 12 L=610.0, W=600.0, H=1270.0 29
85001622 TRONIC Module single core cart 18x2 18 TRONIC Module 36 L=840.0, W=820.0, H=1400.0 93
85001639 TRONIC Module single core cart Climber 6 TRONIC Module 12 L=710.0, W=680.0, H=1360.0 40
85001637 TRONIC cover 1 transparentní víko - - -
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  • Easy and mobile handling sand storage of single core Coils and spools and increases occupational safety and tidy workplaces
  • Direct bundling of single cores at the operation site leads to efficient assembly
  • User-friendly solution because of short setup times due to an easy refill
  • No twisting / kinking through horizontal pull
  • Mounting of barcodes enables to use kanban solutions , furthermore FLEXIMARK® markings are also possible

Application range

  • Transporting, storing and unwinding of single core coils and spools
  • Overcoming stairs and other barriers with the Climber version
  • All in one compact mobile storage and unwinding solution for the operational site

Product features

  • TRONIC module consists of 2 TRONIC boxes mounted on a holder
  • TRONIC Single core-cart S12:
    Capacity for 12 to 18 single core spools (depending on spools width)
    Cart with tool holder
  • TRONIC Module single core cart Climber with stair climber and optionally a tray for tools (article no.: 85001640)


  • Fits for cable rings:
  • Cable outer diameter: max. 10 mm
    Coil Diameter: max. 295 mm
    Inner diameter: 80-180 mm
    Heigth: max. 80 mm

General data

  • Max. load per TRONIC: 7 kg
  • Max. loading TRONIC Single core-cart S12:
    1. Level: 60 kg
    2. Level: 40 kg
    3. Level: 30 kg


  • Painted steel

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