EPIC® POWER LS1 Accessories

Contacts, tools, accessories for circular connectors

EPIC® POWER LS1 Accessories for size 1 connector series

Made in Germany

Article number Article Version Pieces / PU Base Unit Price (base price)
M23-LS1 A, B, F, G protective cap Plastic cap for A1, B1, B2, F6, F7, G4, G5, G6 20
M23 / LS1 D protective cap Plastic cap for D6, A6 20
M23 A, B, G, F protective cap, plastic cord with variable loop Metal cap for A1, A3, F6, F7, G4, G5 5
SILVYN Adapter LS1/M25x1,5 For integrated cable glands 8.5 - 11mm, 10.5 - 15.5mm 1
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