Industrial communication


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Intelligent production, with increasing connectivity between components, requires precision and reliability. Factories are getting smart. Intelligent components, smart machinery. Actuators and sensors that supply data in real time at all key points in the system, enabling the control centre to act rather than react – preventively and predictively. Ever more colossal data volumes are becoming a valuable resource and have to be expertly managed. Information has to get to where it is needed securely and reliably – including in harsh industrial conditions. Our industrial communication experts support you with our industry-grade, robust and high-quality products for the intelligent control of PLCs, sensors and actuators as you transform your production facility into a smart factory.


Industrial communication under one roof: from sensors, actuators and control units through to the ERP system, we work with you to implement a comprehensive network for the transfer of huge volumes of data. We are committed to quality, as the Internet of things places considerable demands on networking equipment. Data transfer has to be reliable at all times in order to prevent scenarios that could result in production outages or put people’s health and safety at risk.


Cables, connectors, switches: LAPP provides its customers with an extensive portfolio for all application scenarios and protocol standards in industrial communication – from a single source and with the manufacturing expertise of LAPP.