Lapp PV Portfolio



Flexible and mechanically robust single-conductor power cable

Another new product innovation from the Lapp Group is a cable for voltages up to 1.8/3 kV, which is primarily for use in Photovoltaic applications. The ÖLFLEX® TRAFO XLv was developed jointly with SMA Solar Technology AG, a global market and technology leader in solar inverters, in the space of just eight weeks. It is specially designed to connect solar inverters to medium-voltage transformers, so that the electricity can be supplied directly to the high-voltage grid.

Suitable for use around the world, even in extreme temperatures

In addition to having the required current-carrying capacity, ÖLFLEX® TRAFO had to be suitable for laying underground with no additional protection, and to this end it has been given a reinforced outer sheath. This is made from an electron beam cross-linked material that is highly resistant to UV, ozone and environmental stresses.

The new medium-voltage cable is also suitable for use across an exceptionally wide temperature range (from -40°C to +100°C), making it suitable for PV systems in areas with extreme climatic conditions. This includes off-grid facilities in infrastructure-poor regions, which make use of renewables in an increasing effort to meet their electricity needs.

The recent introduction of new international standards means that the cable can be used almost anywhere in the world, for applications not just in the field of power generation, but also in machine and plant engineering. Lapp Group is also already working on a variant of the product with a special strand design that will enable it to be used as a torsion cable in wind power generating facilities.


See full technical specification of the ÖLFLEX® TRAFO XLv