Automation Engineering

Automation is an increasingly critical factor in industrial machine and equipment wiring. And Lapp is leading the way.

There is a growing demand for universal and reliable data transmission between harsh industrial environments and modern office communications. The Lapp Group provides solutions with its UNITRONIC® and ETHERLINE® product ranges. In addition to robust and hard-wearing cables, Lapp can also offer a range of corresponding connection components such as M8, M12 and RJ45 connectors, and EPIC® data D-Sub connectors.


We at Lapp are continually at the forefront of developments thanks to our own development departments and we place these at the core of our remit.


The benefit to you – everything from one supplier!

We can offer our customers system solutions ranging from bus and network cables, to their corresponding connectors and plugs all the way to active bus modules and network management systems.


FieldBus Systems

Control and automation systems communicate through intelligent devices along a bus connection, allowing devices on the production line to ‘talk' to other devices on the system intelligently. These intelligent devices communicate across the Bus system over high performance FieldBus cables, often twisted pair bus cables which allow for bi-directional communication. You can find out more information on the FieldBus System page.


Industrial Ethernet

Nowadays ever more research is being carried out into how to use the advantages offered by Ethernet-based office networks and their high data transfer rates in industrial applications. The key term in this respect is 'industrial Ethernet' - you can find more information on the dedicated page: Industrial/Office Ethernet.